The Face of God Turns Toward the World

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The following information comes to us by way of Sr. Joan Mumaw of Friends in Solidarity, the U.S. partner to solidarity with South Sudan. Their offices are part of the shared building with CMSM.

The readings of this post-Easter season are rich in images. The disciples struggle to understand the mystery of Jesus’ death and resurrection. We too seek understanding in a world fraught with pain and suffering. Solidarity remains standing with the people of South Sudan; Solidarity is the face of God to the people, in an ever widening conflict.

When the UISG and USG took on the challenge of ministry in South Sudan and established Solidarity with South Sudan, they committed religious to build the capacity of the church, including two indigenous religious congregations, the St. Martin de Porres Brothers and the Sacred Heart Sisters. Solidarity with South Sudan has taken this seriously and has educated some local religious as nurses and teachers. One sister has been trained as an accountant and works in the Solidarity office in Juba.

The Brothers of St. Marin de Porres is a lay religious Congregation of Diocesan rite dedicated to apostolic work. The Brothers were founded by the late Bishop Sisto Mazzoldi, MCCJ, to participate in the pastoral mission of the Church in Africa. There are 65 active members serving in Sudan, South Sudan and Uganda.

The Brothers have undergone many difficulties, especially displacement from their own land as a result of civil wars experienced in Sudan, South Sudan and Uganda. The civil wars (60+ years) have had negative effects on both the spiritual and material life of the Brothers, yet the Brothers managed to be faithful to their original charism working for the transformation of society through education. They administer a large school in Juba, a center in Juba for lepers in honor of St. Martin de Porres and are in the process of establishing a primary and secondary boarding school a short distance from Juba. They are the face of God for the people among whom they live and work.

The Brothers are seeking assistance from other congregations to support the furnishing of the primary and boarding schools which have already been built. Currently students are sitting on the floor. $30,000 is required to furnish desks, benches and beds for 150 students in each of the primary and secondary schools. $10,000 has already been secured.

If you are interested in supporting the Brothers and desire more information or a proposal, please contact Sr. Joan Mumaw by email. Online tax deductible donations can now also be made at Checks made to “Friends in Solidarity” may be sent to our office at 8808 Cameron St. Silver Spring, MD 20910. Friends in Solidarity is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization registered in the Official Catholic Directory under the Archdiocese of Washington, DC (2017 ed.) You can also follow us on Facebook.