Father My Father: A Priest’s Son Takes His Case Directly to the Pope

Jesus with the Children

As part of our ongoing effort to highlight important considerations in the ongoing work of child and youth protection in the church, we occasionally highlight articles about these needs.

From The Boston Globe (Part 2 of 2) – August 17, 2017

One bright morning three years ago, Vincent Doyle joined the thousands of Catholic faithful jamming St. Peter’s Square for a chance to see Pope Francis make his weekly public appearance and bestow his blessing on the crowd.

Unlike most of those standing in the searing Roman sun, Doyle was headed to a front-row seat in a reserved section very close to where the pope would emerge, and he was already silently rehearsing an urgent message in the pontiff’s native language.

“I am the son of a Catholic priest in Ireland,” he repeated in Spanish, praying he would not become tongue-tied or overcome with emotion when he met the Holy Father.

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