Update from Friends in Solidarity With South Sudan – June 2018

Friends in Solidarity Logo

by Sr. Joan Mumaw, President and Chief Administrative Officer, Friends in Solidarity

Friends in Solidarity, the US partner to Solidarity with South Sudan, is established to support the work of religious men and women working in South Sudan training teachers, nurses, midwives, farmers and diocesan pastoral teams.

A commitment was made by UISG/USG in 2006, on behalf of religious congregations throughout the world, to the assist the Church in Sudan to build the capacity of the people to assume responsibility for their own lives and development.  Since that time, South Sudan has become an independent nation (2011) and is now engaged in negotiations to end ethnic fighting.

Solidarity with South Sudan, since 2009, has built a new teacher training college, rehabilitated the Catholic Health Training Institute, established a sustainable agricultural training program, is caring for 7000 displaced in Riimenze and working with diocesan teams in catechetical and pastoral training including trauma healing and peace building workshops. God has protected these initiatives and those engaged in training South Sudanese attending these programs.

The success of this work is due to the commitment of religious congregations of men and women from across the globe. We are nearing ten years in our commitment to the Church of Sudan. It is easy to forget that this commitment was made on our behalf. Daily we are faced with great needs.  And yet, we have this commitment and need to honor it. Currently US support for the work of Solidarity represents about 10% of what is needed to support the work being done in South Sudan. We can do more, but we need to raise awareness of both the need and the commitment of UISG/USG to this effort.

Recently I was reminded that, in the beginning of this initiative, congregations pledged to support the work of Solidarity. One major superior suggested that we offer this opportunity again and urge congregations to “take the pledge.” Pledge forms are now available and can be downloaded from the Friends in Solidarity website. Thanks for your ongoing support of this important work in the poorest country in our world. See you at CMSM Assembly!

For further information contact joanmumaw@solidarityfriends.org.