Pre-Assembly Workshops 2020

Three optional workshop will be held on Monday, August 3, 1:30-4:30 p.m. Workshops are $50. Sign upon the registration form.

Eldercare Planning
Presenter: Br. Stephen Olert, FSC, MS

Learn how to prepare and care for your brothers who are entering the “late afternoon of middle age.” This workshop will address fears about retirement, care options, safe community living, aging in place, and the emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of aging. The presenter has professional certificates in gerontology and geriatric spiritual care, and training in pastoral counseling and spiritual direction, including spiritual direction focused on compulsive/addictive behaviors for men religious and clergy. He is former director of the Office of Senior Brothers, La Salle Christian Brothers, District of Eastern North America.

Immigration for Religious 
Presenter: Religious Immigration Services Attorney, CLINIC (Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc.)

An attorney from CLINIC who specializes in religious immigration law will cover essentials for foreign-born religious and answer your questions. What visa should you get, what about travel documents, how do you change or extend immigration status, what to expect from an immigration site visit, and how long will an immigration application likely take? Time permitting, one-on-one consultation will be provided after the workshop. A CLINIC attorney also will be available in the exhibit area during the National Assembly.

Safeguarding Updates for Religious
Presenter: Deacon Steven DeMartino, CMSM Director of Safeguarding Initiatives

This past year has brought a lot of changes in safeguarding. The presenter will discuss the latest updates in forming and engaging review boards, ensuring you have a victim-survivor-forward approach, strengthening safeguarding knowledge for new leaders, supervision, transparency, and ensuring vulnerable adults are properly addressed in your policies.