Best Practices for JPIC Ministry

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Strategic Movement Building

Part of movement building is knowing when and how to use key practices.

The resources below provide information to help guide discernment about the practice of civil disobedience, which is helpful when dialogue is not bearing fruit, the issue is urgent, mobilization is needed, and perhaps other reasons.

Catholic Teaching on Civil Disobedience
Questions for Planning a Direct Action
Civil Disobedience Strategy Activity

Practical Suggestions for Liturgy and Prayer

sanctuaryRunning out of ideas on how to carry out your JPIC ministry? This section will feature some of the “Best Practices” of justice and peace work. Here are some Best Practices for integrating JPIC with liturgy and prayer. Your ideas are always welcome so that we can continually update this website.

1. Draft petitions and prayers that can be used at liturgy, morning or evening prayers, or both. There are some paper and online sources that you can use. As an online source, there is the Center for Concern's Education for Justice. There is an annual fee required for membership, but there are free Liturgical & Prayer Resources online. A good hardback source is Living God's Justice: Reflections and Prayers (St. Anthony Messenger Press, 2006).

2. Assemble a display in the church narthex, gathering space, cloister walk, etc. of relevant images and factoids to support a social justice position consistent with the Gospels. Make it substantial by displaying it on boards or tripods.altar
There have been a myriad of different issues that have become “urgent.” You might consider displaying some images and facts on immigration, especially with the border crisis of unaccompanied children. Another issue you can display is human trafficking. Many women’s religious communities are currently working on this issue.

3. See if you can handpick a social justice presider for key Masses at your order's motherhouse. Try to make sure that you have the Order's boldest immigration advocate preaching that day.

4. Organize a prayer service on a particular JPIC theme. Again, there are several out there, along with online sources. For example, the Dublin diocese has an online version of their "Prayer Service for Justice in Our World" (MS .doc). The Dominican Sisters for Peace have a section dedicated to "Spirituality, Prayer, and Contemplation." There are many more possibilities on the web.

justpeace_logoLinking Justice and Peace in the Lectionary

The homilies at this site are provided in the JP Alerts by various members of our CMSM community and others with particular insights to share.


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Conference of Major Superiors of Men
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JPIC Institute Documents

The resources below provide examples of documents from or for member religious institutes to help guide their justice and peace ministry. You are welcome to make use of these texts and adjust them as needed for your own purposes.