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The Gospels and Catholic Social Teaching clearly call us to welcome the stranger. Pope Francis has been illuminating the gifts of immigrants and the need for our attention to the issue. CMSM advocates for issues in accord with this tradition and toward a more just system of immigration. We pay particular attention to root causes and the role of for-profit prisons.

Common Myths about immigrants from Justice for Immigrants

Learn about For-Profit Prisons, "Shadow Prisons" and “Bed Quotas” for prisoners.

Courageously Respond
Catholic Day of Action with Dreamers: Feb. 27, 2018
Bishop John Stowe, OFM Conv. presides at and blesses nonviolent direct action. Six other U.S. Catholic Bishops including Cardinal Tobin offer their support.

Sanctuary is a form of spiritual practice which provides protection to our immigrant sisters and brothers at risk of deportation. Many Catholic churches participated in sanctuary in the 1980’s and today the need is urgent again as the threats are significantly increasing.

Learn more from the Colubman statement on sanctuary.

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Sanctuary Resources

  • Interfaith Protection Initiatives Webinar (Nov. 2016):

CARA Study: "Ministry for Immigrant Justice"

LCWR and CMSM collaborated with the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) on a survey and report entitled "Ministry for Immigrant Justice." The purpose of this research was three-fold:

  1. to identify institutes that are making immigration a priority in their ministry and create a database of contact information on those engaged in this ministry (either in direct service or advocacy),
  2. to learn more about what these members are doing in working for justice for immigrants and explore some of the unmet needs of those engaged in this ministry, and
  3. to identify immigrant religious in our member institutes and learn from their leaders about the kinds of services required for the acculturation of these immigrant members.

The report found considerable activity on immigration but a need for increased education, particularly for CMSM, on human trafficking. There was also a significant desire for related training, particularly in cross-cultural communication, language skills, and legal issues.

For the full report click here.

USCCB Resource: Intercultural Competencies