By peacemaking we refer to Christ’s way of engaging conflict. It entails the vision of a just peace, where not only does peace require justice-making, but also that justice requires peace-making. The way of mercy, humility, solidarity, and nonviolence are central virtues that illuminate core practices of peacemaking. Review the major themes of Catholic Social Teaching, read notable Catholic Social Teaching quotes, and recent papal quotations (.doc) on war and peace.

In addition the resources noted above and below, we also have developed special resources for the following areas related to peacemaking:

Action Alert: Prevent Genocide and Atrocities Act

Key Practices

Centering and Prayer: "The Nonviolent Eucharistic Jesus" by Rev. Emmanuel C. McCarthy

Nonviolent Communication

Conflict Transformation

Restorative Justice and Trauma-Healing

Inter-religious Friendship and Dialogue

Nonviolent Resistance

Unarmed Civilian Protection

Civilian-Based Defense

We work on conflict issues by promoting peace-building practices with the U.S. Government and with our faith partners in their advocacy efforts. We work on both domestic and international peacemaking efforts.


Catholic Nonviolence Initiative: Affirming the vision and practice of active nonviolence at the heart of the Catholic Church.

Webinar: Rome Conference on Just Peace and Nonviolence

Action Alert: Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act

Becoming Nonviolent Peacemakers: A Virtue Ethic Approach for Catholic Social Teaching and U.S. Policy

Peacebuilding: Catholic Theology, Ethics, and Praxis

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