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Pope Francis meets with CMSM leaders

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Aug. 2017 National Assembly Resolution: "Gospel Nonviolence: The Way of the Church" with new  Implementation Guide

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Upcoming Event

Jesus with the Children
Thirteenth Annual CMSM Supervision Workshop: Instruments of Hope and Healing

Fostering Well-being, Wellness and Flourishing Lives With Men on Safety Plans:
Creatively Facing Individual and Communal Realities, Challenges and Complexities

Oblate Renewal Center
San Antonio, Texas
October 23-25, 2017

  • A "Case Study Method" will be used throughout these days together to facilitate more dialogue, discussion, and engagement.
  • Emphasis in each case will be given to the "Dynamics of fostering Well-being, Wellness and Flourishing" (both individually and communally).
  • Additionally, each presentation will attempt to address the dual realities: the internal dimensions (unique sexual histories, the neuropsychology of an offender, and the unique challenges of aging with this population) within the external dimensions: a changing social/communal landscape, inability to contain the offender, and limited resources.
  • Outside experts, Supervisors and Provincial Leaders with years of experience and shared wisdom will be our speakers.


Paul Ashton, Psy.D., D.Min., Facilitator
Gerard J. McGlone, S.J., Ph.D., CMSM Associate Director for Child Protection


CMSM Forum

Forum – Winter 2017: Statements of Cardinal Cupich and Cardinal Tobin on the Executive Order on Refugees and Migrants

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Statement of Cardinal Cupich – January 29, 2017 – This weekend proved to be a dark moment in U.S. history. The executive order to turn away refugees and to close our nation to those, particularly Muslims, fleeing violence, oppression and persecution is contrary to both Catholic and American values. Have we not repeated the disastrous decisions of those in the past who turned away other people fleeing violence, leaving certain ethnicities and religions marginalized and excluded? We Catholics know that history well, for, like others, we have been on the other side of such decisions.