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Forum – Fall 2017: Pope Francis Revives the Workers’ Church

Pope with workers

The Catholic Church in America—once an ally of workers and their unions—grew deferential to big money in recent decades. Now, prompted by the Pope, a new generation of labor priests and bishops is trying to change that. This article appears in the Fall 2017 issue of “The American Prospect” magazine.

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Pope Francis meets with CMSM leaders

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Webinar Series - May 2/16/30: Getting the Most Out of a Psychological Assessment

This series of webinars is co-sponsored by the Religious Formation Conference with the Conference of Major Superiors of Men. You are encouraged to participate in all three webinars, but can participate in any of them individually as well.

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MAY 2: Part One: Understanding the Basics
MAY 16: Part Two: Dealing with Difficult findings and Difficult Realities
MAY 30: Part Three: Developing and Managing Inter-cultural Competencies within formation

The leader for all three webinars is Fr. Gerald McGlone, SJ, Associate Director of the Conference of Major Superiors of Men.

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CMSM Pre-Assembly 2018

2018 National Pre-Assembly Workshop

July 31, 2018
Sheraton Westport Chalet Hotel
St. Louis, Mo.

Creating a Culture of Safety and Well-Being:
New Models of Collaborative Leadership

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Jesus with the Children

Fourteenth Annual CMSM Supervision Workshop

Save the Dates!
October 29-31, 2018
Bethany Retreat Center
Just 10 miles from Tampa International Airport

Creating a Culture of Safety and Well-Being:
The Processes, Dynamics and Practical Applications in Changing Cultures -
Moving from a High Risk Culture to a High Reliability Culture

Download the save the date flyer.