Conversations That Matter

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CMSM is privileged to distribute the excellent series of learning modules, Conversations That Matter, a resource designed to assist those in leadership of institutes for consecrated life for men, or involved in formational aspects of community life, to address the vital and important issues of sexual abuse of minors by clergy and male religious.

Released January 2018: The Case of "Father Tom"

Our newest module, "The Case of 'Father Tom'" is a pseudonymous account of a real situation involving sexual abuse from a professed male religious. It includes a narration of "Father Tom's" story along with discussion questions and didactics. The questions and key points have been crafted according to the needs of three key audiences:

  • Men in formation
  • Men currently living in Apostolic Life
  • Men living in a Retired Community

To purchase downloadable and online resources for "The Case of 'Father Tom'," select from the options below. Online purchases are completed through PayPal and you may use a PayPal account, debit card or credit card to complete the purchase. NOTE: There are no DVDs of "The Case of 'Father Tom;' you may only download them to play on a computer or view them online. If you would like DVDs of earlier modules, please see "Earlier Modules" below.

The kits are $50 individually and you may purchase multiple kits for a discount through the drop down list below. Once you have completed the checkout process through PayPal, you can click on the "Return to Merchant" button you see on your receipt page to be directed to a page on which you will receive information on how to access the materials. Please be sure to save the information on that landing page for future access if needed. 

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The Dynamics of More Effective Facilitation for "Conversations That Matter": Video and Checklist

CMSM is also very proud to announce its first series from the Office of Child Protection Training Webinars: "The Dynamics of More Effective Facilitation: Conversations That Matter."

Learn or enhance skills necessary to better facilitate these groundbreaking trainings. This year's CTM offering requires attentive care and attention to three types of community conversations: formation, apostolic, and retirement. The trainings will address these new dimensions and explore various practical techniques to enhance engagement and retention of materials. Learn practical steps to help focus the materials, avoid problems, manage resistance and more effectively deal with problem people.

Here is the first facilitation and training video for the most recent CTM module: "The Case of 'Fr. Tom.'" Additional live webinars and recordings will be available in the future. Please check back.

There is also a "Checklist for Effective CTM Facilitation" Sheet.

Earlier Modules

Initial modules were developed and adapted from materials created by the Jesuit Conference. This resource may be used in fulfillment of the educational requirements stipulated in Standard Five of the Standards for Accreditation in the Instruments of Hope and Healing Program. CMSM will provide member institutes with a DVD and a link to the documents related to this resource when the order is received in the CMSM office. CMSM provides the option and ability for individual congregations to tailor the documents further for distribution to and use by their members.

If you have questions or would like to access the earlier "Conversations That Matter" modules, please download and complete this PDF form to place an order or contact CMSM at 301-588-4030 for additional information