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Forum – Fall 2017: Pope Francis Revives the Workers’ Church

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The Catholic Church in America—once an ally of workers and their unions—grew deferential to big money in recent decades. Now, prompted by the Pope, a new generation of labor priests and bishops is trying to change that. This article appears in the Fall 2017 issue of “The American Prospect” magazine.

Forum – Winter 2017: Statements of Cardinal Cupich and Cardinal Tobin on the Executive Order on Refugees and Migrants

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Statement of Cardinal Cupich – January 29, 2017 – This weekend proved to be a dark moment in U.S. history. The executive order to turn away refugees and to close our nation to those, particularly Muslims, fleeing violence, oppression and persecution is contrary to both Catholic and American values. Have we not repeated the disastrous decisions of those in the past who turned away other people fleeing violence, leaving certain ethnicities and religions marginalized and excluded? We Catholics know that history well, for, like others, we have been on the other side of such decisions.

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